At Heyday we design to create enduring and positive impressions.

Our highly skilled and experienced Designers will develop (or respect) your brand and introduce innovative and clever ideas to ensure you stand out from your competitors each and every time.

Great design should  ensure your brand is strengthened at every given opportunity. It should speak to your audience, engage them and make them want to buy your product – that’s what we do at Heyday.

Brand Development

At Heyday we know a brand is much more than just a logo, it is actually a representation of your company’s personality, values and purpose.  A brand should communicate a strong message about your product or services to your customers. It should also differentiate you from competitors in the same market.

It is the mission of a great brand to become ‘known’.  Once this occurs, the brand becomes one of the most valued assets of a company because recognition of that brand stimulates customer loyalty which translates into sales.

There are several considerations which influence the creation of a brand and therefore creating a brand is actually a process which takes experience and skill.  At the end of the branding process and after considering several influencing factors, a great designer will translate these ideas into a graphical image – your logo –  which will then become the most readily recognisable identifier of your brand.

The experienced and qualified team at Heyday offer a full service solution to building brand from designing logos, style guides and the full suite of supporting branded stationery.

Graphic Design

Heyday Designers are an experienced, passionate and creative group who thrive on design challenges.  After many years of experience, we have analysed what makes our Designers ‘great’ and here’s what we know:

  • The Heyday design team are commercially savy.  They understand marketing, strategy, brand integrity and building brand and they work tirelessly to unlock the potential in your brand.
  • The Heyday design team understand that design needs to be both innovative but still practical and affordable.
  • The Heyday design team are qualified experts in their field, yet they remain accessible and approachable, coaching and consulting our clients where needed.
  • Heyday Designers are not precious, in fact as a team we all agree that ‘egos are checked at the door’.  We genuinely understand our job is to stay ‘on brief’ to achieve outcomes and solutions for our clients.

We regularly create:

  • Logos
  • Brochures & Flyers
  • Catalogues & Annual Reports
  • Newsletters & Magazines
  • Banners & Signage
  • Packaging
  • Stationery and Visual Identity
  • PDF and NCR forms

So, when it comes to design, we’ve got you covered.

Digital Design

Digital design is very different to print design – it’s a specialist  skill.

When designing for digital, our designers need to take into consideration the interactivity, functionality and the user experience of their designs.  They also need to ensure that their designs can be readily adapted to a plethora of devices including tablets, smart phones and of course computers with multiple web browsers.

At Heyday we employ specialist digital designers who are experts at drawing an audience in to your site for long enough to engage with your brand and products. Click here to find out more about our Digital services.