Heyday is at the forefront of digital marketing. We know what’s new, what’s interesting and above all, what works. We see digital and print as supporting each other to effectively communicate and market your business.

If you’re viewing this website on your phone or tablet, you will realise just how clever our team is.  This website has been built to be fully responsive, what that means is that it resizes perfectly to any device.   Given most consumers view the internet from their phones, this functionality is critical (and valuable).

There is a huge difference between good and bad digital design and functionality, think of all the appalling websites you have come across.  At Heyday, we employ inhouse designers and developers – that way we can help our clients in a timely fashion when the need arises.

Web Development

At Heyday, we build fantastic, user friendly websites. Not only are our websites attractive and functional, they are also:

  • Built to be search engine optimised which  means customers searching for your services will find you quickly.
  • Supported by a user-friendly content management system which makes them easy for clients to maintain and update themselves;  and
  • Heyday websites are fully responsive and can be viewed in a huge variety of web browsers across ALL devices which includes tablets, smart phones and desktop computers.

Email Marketing

Most companies keep a database of their clients emails, this is rich data for any business as it creates the opportunity to contact clients regularly with news or to grow your business through your existing clients.

Whether you are reinforcing or launching a campaign or just keeping in touch,  email marketing is a low cost option which can yield impressive, targeted results.

Heyday offer a comprehensive EDM service (Electronic Direct Marketing) from design to delivery.


e-brochures are a revolutionary new way to communicate with your clients.

Taking the core design elements of a printed brochure and converting that artwork into e-brochures compliments and improves the functionality of your marketing material.

e-brochures are versatile.  They can be personalised, readily distributed (electronically) and easily altered so their content is always current and accurate.   e-brochures are certainly turning heads for their versatility and WOW factor.